6 November 2020

Sergey Bubka: Entourage is really big group who work and help athletes, support, train and guide them

Sergey Bubka, the veteran chairman of the Athletes’ Entourage Commission, looks forward to continued progress, despite hurdles caused by the pandemic, during his commission’s meeting next week, Nov. 12.

“Of course Covid has created a lot of difficulties for all of us, the IOC Athletes Commission and all other commissions, particularly the Entourage Commission,” Bubka tells Around the Rings. 

“We would like to have a meeting to discuss different issues, an overview of what has been done over past year, what we have achieved and what we plan to do.

“We will look towards Tokyo 2020, for the preparation for activities, and what will be done for athletes.

“We also have a joint meeting with the Athletes’ Commission – we closely cooperate and work together to move in the same direction because the task is so important for Entourage.”

The IOC Athletes’ Entourage is among the largest and most diverse of all IOC commissions, with 38 members of varying expertise contributing.

“Entourage is really big group who work and help athletes, support athletes, train athletes, and guide athletes,” says the Ukraine NOC president and former pole vault world record holder. 

“For us it’s important to have different representatives from the doctor side, the athlete side, the family, parents, lawyers, organizers and managers. It is an important group for athletes who face different issues during their careers.

“We have very fruitful discussions, and sometimes one day for us is not enough.”

Bubka says anti-doping is always a critical point of discussion among his commission meetings.

“We produce a four-year plan which is very important for us and we continue to protect clean athletes placing a lot of importance on education regarding clean sport for the entourage.”


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