6 April 2021


"As UNESCO Champion for Sport I know real value of sport. Sport has power to unite people. Sport gives a chance to achieve your goals. Personally for me, sports give me a lot. I met so many friends all over the world, I built real friendship with them. I know how to overcome difficulties, how to be strong, how to be passioned to achieve the goals. And, of course, today, in very difficult times we see how sport can help people to overcome these challenges, to be strong, to be healthy”, - said Sergey Bubka in his message.

“I’m very proud to belong to Olympic Family, I’m proud to be a man of sport and, of course, I’m proud to join #WhiteCard campaign”.

In the present crisis, the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace celebrated on April 6th, is a propitious day to send a strong message of global solidarity and reinforce our bounds with each other in an indissoluble way through sport. 

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