30 August 2019

Sergey Bubka awarded Oleg Verniaev and Olga Kharlan with record titles of the Best Ukrainian Athlete of the Month

“At the European Games in Minsk, Oleg once again demonstrated his high skills by winning 3 medals, and only three months before that he underwent another operation. For Olga Kharlan, this season ended with the sixth (!) World title. Today's awarding of the best athletes and coaches is historic, as we award two of our record holders with this high recognition. However, 11 awards is not the limit, so go ahead to new records and achievements, Olympic Games-2020 will come soon!”, - Sergey Bubka said.

Oleg Verniaev was named as the best athlete of June thanks to a brilliant performance at the II European Games in Minsk: despite the fact that the titled gymnast is still recovering from injury, he managed to win 3 medals - gold in parallel bar exercises and 2 silver medals all-around and horse exercises. After success in Belarus, Oleg is waiting for another important international start - in October, the World Championships in Stuttgart (Germany) that will serve as Olympic qualification for Olympic Games Tokyo-2020.

 In July, the National Olympic Committee awarded high recognition to the saber-fencer Olga Kharlan, who once again confirmed her status as the most powerful fencer on the planet in Budapest.

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