14 December 2019

Sergey Bubka chaired the NOC of Ukraine General Assembly

The highest governing body of the NOC heard the report of the Audit Committee, approved the current income and expenses of the organization and the budget plan for the Olympic year 2020.

The General Assembly considered the rotation of members of the NOC of Ukraine in accordance with the requests received from the subjects of the Olympic movement.

The NOC members approved the Code of Ethics for the Olympic Movement of Ukraine – the document that contains the fundamental principles, rules, regulations and sanctions on the behavior of the Olympic Movement subjects and their representatives.

The participants of the meeting discussed and approved amendments to the NOC of Ukraine Statute.

The General Assembly discussed the current challenges of developing the international and national Olympic movements, many of them are reflected in the Olympic Agenda-2020. These important issues are good governance, ethical standards and avoiding conflicts of interest, enhancing the role of athletes and protecting them from harassment and abuse, gender equality, prevention of corruption, fair play.

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