13 November 2020

Sergey Bubka held IOC Athletes’ Entourage Commission virtual meeting

Thomas Bach drew the attention of the audience to the ever-growing role of the athlete's environment and his success. He also noted the important role in the current challenges of solidarity both in the sports community and in the world as a whole.

The participants exchanged views on updated information on the Commission's four-year plan.

The discussion then focused on the importance of educating different stakeholders in the athletes’ entourage and adapting educational tools to their needs. In this context, it was emphasized that the Athlete365 platform will serve as a powerful tool for disseminating information at the national level.

The participants also discussed the prevention of harassment and abuse in sports, in particular the creation of a code of conduct for athletes. Defining ethical boundaries and setting unambiguous standards has been identified as a key task in eliminating the interpretation and protection of athletes’ entourage.

The members of the commission paid a lot of attention to the issue of gender equality, mental health of the athletes and the declaration of the athletes’ rights and responsibilities.

Sergey Bubka and his colleagues also joined the discussion of important issues during a joint meeting with members of the IOC Athletes' Commission.

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