10 September 2017

Sergey Bubka: “Hope to see Yuliya Levchenko on the Olympic podium”

“Hope to see Yuliya on the Olympic podium. It was fantastic performance in London: silver medal two personal best (1.99, 2.01)” – said Sergey Bubka who is NOC of Ukraine President and IAAF Senior Vice-President.

He also admitted great role of the personal coach Iryna Pustovoyt, wishing new achievements.

The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine by Sergey Bubka"s initiative nominates and awards the best Athlete and coach of the month since November 2005.

It is the first such high award for Yuliya Levchenko who became earlier Youth Olympic Games Champion Nanjing-2014, U-23 European Champion-2017 and European Indoor Championships-2017 bronze medalist.

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