22 June 2021

Sergey Bubka: The Olympic Family Supports the All-Ukrainian Healthy Ukraine Program

Sergey Bubka thanked the Head of State for the excellent initiative and noted that today in the post-Covid period the whole world recognizes the important role of sport in restoring a person's psychological state and preserving his health, as evidenced by relevant UN resolutions and statements of world leaders at the G20 summit. the great importance of sports and physical education for the recovery of humanity after the pandemic.

"Sport unites. And I clearly see the goal of this program - to unite the country, to raise a healthy, successful nation. I am confident that by joining our efforts we will be able to do it, "Sergey Bubka said.

According to the Olympic champion, according to British research, investing 1 pound in sports, you can save 8 pounds, which will need to be used to treat the citizens. According to him, now there is an increase in physical activity among Ukrainians. More and more you can meet people who are engaged in physical activity both individually and with whole families. This is facilitated by the development of sports infrastructure for high-achievement sports and grassroots sports, which is implemented in accordance with the program of the President of Ukraine.

"In order for people to have the desire and opportunity to engage in physical culture and sports, we need infrastructure, sports heroes by whose examples we will interest children, attract parents to support our Olympians, lead their children to sports grounds and sports clubs," said Sergey Bubka.

"As a person who has devoted his entire life to the sport of high achievements, I am convinced that in such a system new Ukrainian stars will grow, who will glorify our country and Ukrainian sports."

In addition, for the successful implementation of "Healthy Ukraine", according to Sergey Bubka, sports and sports programs should be more actively promoted in the media: "We must watch not only the Olympic Games, but also the European Championships, Ukrainian championships. This will increase the interest in society, unite people, the nation around the victories of Ukrainians and help attract as many Ukrainians as possible to an active and healthy lifestyle. "

At the end of his speech, the President of the NOC reminded those present that tomorrow the whole world is celebrating Olympic Day, so he took this opportunity to invite them to join the Olympic exercise and wished to be healthy, be proud of their achievements and live in a healthy, beautiful, successful Ukraine.

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