23 June 2017


Sergey Bubka, IOC Executive Board member and 1988 Olympic champion, congratulated global sports’ family on the occasion of Olympic Day, when the anniversary of the foundation of the International Olympic Committee is celebrated.

Bubka said the 23rd of June, 1894, at the Sorbonne in Paris, inaugurated new era in the world’s history.

Bubka commented, ‘Those people who met at the first IOC Congress in June 1894 were considered as strange idealists by many. But the time proved they were true pioneers of great story.

Olympic movement has become a unique instrument for mankind to unite, to find peace and cooperation between the people and nations. Olympic Games with more than 10 thousand athletes competing at the same time and at the same place are the model of peaceful world with fair competition, integrity, understanding and tolerance.'

'In the course of time new technical means and communication technologies occur, with our movement successfully use them to serve our ideas and values. Time brings also new challenges, like political conflicts, doping, financial meltdown and environment problems, but the International Olympic Committee complies with the principles of the Olympic Charter and successfully protects the ideas declared 123 years ago in Paris. We have to be flexible using new means and media technologies, but we have also to be firm and consistent when protecting what we believe is true.'

МMonument to Oleksiy Butovsky in his birthplace - Poltava, Ukraine 

I am proud to be a part of the great Olympic movement, as well as by the fact that my fellow countryman Oleksiy Butovsky was a part of the team of founders of the IOC in 1894. I congratulate all those involved in our movement on the Olympic Day. We are doing exceptional job by promoting sport and organizing Olympic competitions, and, as it happenned more than a century ago, the time will prove how important our contribution is for the good of the future generations.'  

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