Sergey Bubka is widely regarded as a living legend of sport. He burst on the international scene when, as a 19-year-old, he scored an upset victory at the inaugural World Championships of Athletics in 1983. After this victory he built his career into one of the most remarkable dominations sport has ever seen. He held the title of World Champion for 16 years (1983 to 1999) as he won 6 consecutive gold medals. He is still the only athlete in any event to win at six world championships.

imgCompeting in Paris on the 13th of July 1985, he became the first vaulter in history to clear the “unattainable” 6 metres barrier, capturing the imagination of sport fans around the world. Already a world record holder in 1984, he missed the Los Angeles Olympics of 1984 because of the political boycott imposed by the Soviet Union. An overwhelming favourite at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Bubka came within one miss of finishing out of the medals completely. However he easily cleared the height - 5.90 metres - and won the long awaited Olympic gold medal with an Olympic record. In 1991, Bubka became the first person to clear 20 feet, which to this day has not been achieved by anyone else. Bubka eventually set world records 35 times, 18 times indoors and 17 times outdoors and earned the nickname of “the Tsar”. At the end of his career the Ukrainian President decided to honour him with the highest title of “Hero of Ukraine”. To this day he remains the current world record holder.

After his sports career Sergey Bubka became a sport administrator, politician and businessman. He decided to “give back to sports” and is currently the President of the Ukrainian National Olympic Committee, Senior Vice President of the IAAF, Member of IOC Executive Board, Chairman of the IOC Athlete’s Commission, etc. He has also been a Member of the Ukrainian Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers as Prime Minister’s Advisor for Youth, Culture and Sports. In his personal life away from sports and his political and administrative duties, Bubka has been a successful businessman in the private sector over the years.

In addition to Bubka’s keen insight into sport as a result of his sport leadership positions, Bubka’s commitment to sport and society goes beyond these organisations. He founded a sport club in the Ukraine, has commitments with UNESCO, UNDP, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, and many other charity initiatives.




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