11 June 2018

Sergey Bubka and Yulia Levchenko played basketball 3x3 together with future participants of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games

The Young Change-Makers program is a new stage in the successful development of the Young Ambassadors project, which is being implemented by the International Olympic Committee within the framework of the YOG Cultural and Educational Program.

The main goal of the Change-Makers is to support athletes basing on their own experience in the participation in the Games. Yulia Levchenko was chosen to be the Change-Maker on behalf of Ukraine.

During the meeting, the talented athlete shared her experience with young basketball players, played in that fascinating kind of sport with them and wished success on the path to a cherished Olympic dream.

Ukrainian Youth National basketball teams 3x3 - women's and men's teams - were qualified for the first time in the history to participate in YOG.


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