20 April 2018

Sergey Bubka discussed with the Chinese NOC President cooperation within preparation for Beijing 2022

Mr. Bubka and Mr. Zhongwen discussed the preparation of Beijing for the Olympic Winter Games 2022.

Two sides discussed the development of winter sports in Asia and the steps which are taken by the country's and capital’s leadership to ensure that the Games 2022 will be held at the highest level.

Sergey Bubka and Gou Zhongwen also discussed the enhanced cooperation between the two countries in the area of sport and the assistance of the Chinese side in the preparation of Ukrainian athletes for the Olympic Winter Games 2022, particularly training camps and test competitions in China.

These days in China IOC Coordination Commission has the fourth visit to Beijing. The work at the stage of strategic planning of preparation for the Olympic Games has already been successfully completed. Now IOC experts together with Beijing Organizing Committee-2022 discuss suggestions and recommendations on acceleration of the construction of venues, training of personnel etc.


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