26 November 2018

Sergey Bubka initiated Olympic Jubilee for Mexico-68 and Seoul-88 medalists

In a warm and family atmosphere the NOC has gathered the legends of Ukrainian sport, the medalists of the Games in Mexico and Seoul.

Ukrainian athletes as a part of the USSR Team won 35 medals in the Games-1968: 14 gold, 10 silver and 11 bronze and got 62 medals in 1988: 22 gold, 16 silver and 24 bronze.

In the welcoming speech NOC President and IOC Executive Board Member Sergey Bubka, the pole vault Olympic champion, who won his Olympic medal in Seoul-1988, said: ‘This year I was lucky to visit Seoul, Korea, and on behalf of Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympic Committee, to represent the World Olympic Family at the celebration on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Olympic Games-1988. Honestly, it is difficult to express the emotions that you feel after returning to the places where you fulfilled your long-awaited, most cherished Olympic dream.’

Sergey Bubka also said: ‘Great honor to everyone who represented native land with dignity at the most prestigious competitions of the Planet. These achievements are forever inscribed in the history of world sports. The NOC of Ukraine deeply appreciates and remembers our legendary, successful Olympians! We want these traditions will live with future generations.’

In this festive evening, the sports heroes of Mexico City-1968 and Seoul-1988 were able to immerse themselves in wonderful memories of the past, watching videos and photos of their Olympic performances, as well as listening to popular music of those times.

All medalists and participants of the Olympic Games Jubilees received valuable gifts from the NOC of Ukraine.

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