6 April 2018

Sergey Bubka joined the International Day of Sport celebration

«The sport has a unique force to promote uniting people all over the world for the values of peace, friendship and development. I am happy to devote all the life to sport and I am proud have an opportunity to contribute to further development of Olympic Movement, promoting the unique and universal Olympic values», – said Sergey Bubka – the NOC of Ukraine’s President, IOC Executive Board Member and IAAF Senior Vice-President.

The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine annually supports this initiative. This year All-Ukrainian ceremony “Heroes of the Sports Year” was dedicated to the celebration of the Day of Sport

As a reminder that sport is a universal language that promotes peace, understanding and mutual respect between people, the NOC of Ukraine President, Olympic Champion Sergey Bubka and famous athletes and coaches took part in the #WhiteCard campaign.

The White Card is a sign of peace, neutrality and commitment to act together for the sake of a better world. The raising up #WhiteCard symbolizes the positive force of sport and means fair treatment and granting equal opportunities to anyone who wish to join a healthy lifestyle.


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