1 November 2018

Sergey Bubka: “The athletes are core of the Olympic Movement”

The NOC Athletes Commission has completed the results of its work for the period of 2014-2018 year and passed through elections of new commission members for 2019-2022.

«The athletes are core of the Olympic movement and sport. In the international Olympic movement, the role of an athlete is of great importance. And this role should be leading not only in sports arenas, but also outside of them. The athletes should influence and take part in strategic issues of sports development», - said Sergey Bubka.  

Sergey Bubka informed the delegates on the last international tendencies and decisions took on the role of athletes, especially Olympic agenda-2020, 133rd session of the International Olympic Committee, which was held in Buenos Aires Argentine in October, Athletes' Rights and Responsibilities Declaration that was adopted during “Olympism in Action” Forum.

He stressed out the importance of honor clean athletes, fight against doping and manipulation in sports, which is another major threat to the integrity of the Olympic movement and sports.

He paid special attention combining of sport career with education from an early age, post-career and social integration after sport career.

“It is a great honor for me to head the Entourage Commission of the International Olympic Committee since 2010. The Commission deals with the relationship of athletes with their entourage - the environment of the athlete, which affects the athlete and his training. These individuals include managers, agents, coaches, judges, doctors, sports organizations, sponsors, lawyers, journalists, fans, as well as any of those who influence an athlete’s career, including family members. The relationship of athletes with entourage is issue of special importance”, - mentioned Sergey Bubka.

Sergey Bubka praised the NOC of Ukraine Athletes’ Commission chaired by Olympic Medalists in athletics Olena Govorova as “it is a real voice of athletes uniting and serving them and public”.  

“Athletes are great examples for the youth. Be socially active, act as a role-model and you will do your contribution for the future of sports”, - said outstanding Olympian.   


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