6 April 2016


Sergey Bubka, IOC Executive Board member, IAAF Senior Vice President, Olympic Champion and UNESCO Champion for sport, joined the global celebration of the International Day of Sport for Development.

Bubka who is a great supporter of the UN initiative to promote sport as powerful instrument to strengthen cooperation, tolerance, respect and social intergartion in every part of the Earth, posted White Card picture on his Twitter account claiming his followers ‘to play in peace’.

Bubka was also a star guest at the secondary school №87 in Kyiv, Ukraine for the open lesson themed as ‘Sport – right way to reach peace, development, friendship and success’.

Ukraine’s greatest XX century athlete was joined by Neal Walker, UN Resident Coordinator, and Mykola Movchan, UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport. All school’s students from the youngest to the graduates were invited to attend the highly anticipated meeting.

Mr Bubka addressed the kids saying, ‘Today is a special day. Every country on the planet celebrates International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. I am grateful to the United Nations for their active cooperation with Ukraine in terms of their efforts to ensure global peace and security’.

Bubka also said sport is the best way to make the world more peaceful and harmonious. He added, ’Sport is an ambassador for peace and friendship. Making sport you are not only feel healthy and active but also communicate new friends, it teaches to play fair, to respect others and and develop yourslef constantly’.

On behalf of the NOC of Ukraine Bubka  presented several sets of sport equipment for school gym and sport encyclopedia for the school library. Best school students and teachers received Olympic gifts and awards.

In 2013 the UN General Assembly made an unanimous decision to launch the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on April 6th. Ukraine’s NOC is an active supporter of the international initiatiove every year since 2013 organizing numerous activities all over the coutry including worlkshops, seminars, school meetings with nations prominent athletes

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